This fall, you can look bright and spectacular, following the fashion trends of the beauty industry. New trends in hair coloring allow you to give the image of naturalness, personality, lightness.Colorists delight girls with unique mixes, autumnal, warm tones are especially relevant, so if you have long wanted to try on the role of a “red-haired beast” – it’s time.

The best painting techniques of the new season

Sitting in a chair with a fashionable hairdresser, you get a new opportunity for self-expression. A girl with professionally colored, healthy hair stands out in the crowd, even female looks are riveted to her.

Dim out

Fashionable staining will forget about the problem of overgrown roots. The technique allows you to give the roots a darker shade. Colorists offer classic paint lovers the color of paint that is as close to natural hair as possible. Dim Out allows you to create an interesting color transition, shade bangs or individual sections.


Sombre is an advanced highlighting technique that involves lightening individual strands and obtaining the perfect gradient. A vivid example is a smooth transition from dark blond to light with the effect of burnt hair. Sombre is chosen by girls who want to transform without radical changes and the need for monthly staining. A professional performs staining so that it does not require updating for several months.


Balayazh dramatically changes the image, effectively transforms. Here the main role is played by the contrast of dark and light shades with a smooth transition without sharp lines. The main difference from Ombre is the coloring of individual strands. As a result, the roots of the hair become the darkest areas, and the tips become the lightest areas.


This is a completely new technique, from which girls who prefer naturalness will be delighted. The method combines classic highlighting and balayazh, suitable for hair of any color. Shades of paint are selected depending on your natural tone, and the strands are painted in a chaotic manner. In addition to its spectacular appearance, Babylights creates a visual illusion – the hair looks very thick.

Nude color

The technique is exclusively for natural blondes. Dark and light shades of blond are mixed. This allows you to achieve beautiful overflows on the hair and give them maximum naturalness.


Hairdressers adopted the technique from make-up artists, separate sections of strands are lightened, which gives the face a more sensitive sculpture. The effect of strobing completely depends on the features of the type of face and always looks different. Suitable for hair of any color.


Unlike classic highlighting, the Lowlights technique involves the creation of darkened strands, which is important for light and blond hair. Staining allows you to give optical density to curls and emphasize the color depth. Therefore, the shade of paint is selected contrasting to natural.

In the new season, the trend will be creative coloring without certain rules and boundaries. Girls who want to look unconventional can dye their hair in bright, amazing colors, create a unique combination of shades. Experiment on your way to the perfect look!

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