The Basic Rrules of PP for Weight Loss

We have already said that proper nutrition is a way of life. This is a balanced full-fledged menu to maintain the health of the body and normal body weight. PP implies limitations in the selection of products and the choice of proper heat treatment.

A diet aimed at weight loss is made taking into account individual characteristics and must take into account the following rules:

 1. The norm of the KBZhU. To start losing weight, you need to ensure a calorie deficit, that is, eat less than you spend. On average, such a diet is 1200-1400 calories. Remember that the total amount includes all products eaten during the day, along with snacks, also make tea, coffee, juice. As for the BJ, they also make adjustments, reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats. So the norm will be: proteins – 40-50%, carbohydrates – 30% and 15-20% of the correct fats.
 2. Complex carbohydrates. When compiling a diet, exclude all fast carbohydrates: pasta, pastries, crackers, cookies, chocolate (even black), sugar and more. When losing weight, the main source of carbohydrates is legumes (mung bean, lentils, chickpeas), cereals (bulgur, buckwheat, quinoa) and hard vegetables (beets, carrots) and fruits. There are a lot of sugars in potatoes, so it belongs to simple or quick carbohydrates.

  3. Fractional nutrition. In addition to the quality of the diet, a large role in reducing body weight has a diet. You need to eat in small portions 3 times a day, plus two snacks. Try not to skip meals, otherwise you will feel a strong feeling of hunger and it is likely to break loose and eat a bun or chocolate bar.
4. Snack. To satisfy a slight hunger between the main meals, nuts, seasonal fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, kefir, bread with avocado or cheese (fat content up to 20%) are suitable.
5. Exclude flavor enhancers. All prepared foods from supermarkets and convenience foods contain monosodium glutamate – it enhances the organoleptic quality of food, which causes increased appetite. It is also worth avoiding strongly salty foods and seasoned with spices.
PP, compiled with these rules, with minimal physical exertion will reduce body weight by 400-500 g per week.

How to make a balanced diet

Proper nutrition has nothing to do with a diet built on the principle of using one product (for example, 3 days to eat only apples or drink kefir). This is a balanced menu, taking into account the energy requirements of your body, including:

● low-fat meats: rabbit, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, beef;
● soy, peas, mung bean, chickpeas, beans and other types of legumes;
● cottage cheese, kefir, milk, low-fat cheeses;
● cereals: brown rice, green and ordinary buckwheat, oats and oatmeal requiring cooking, quinoa, kanihua, bulgur;
● whole grain bread and bread (choosing bread carefully read the composition, there should be no flour, only cereals);
● spaghetti and pasta from durum wheat;
● Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

We exclude from the diet:

● low-fat cottage cheese, milk, yoghurts – they contain trans fats;
● canned foods, convenience foods;
● all fast food;
● carbonated drinks, packaged juices;
● ready-made breakfast cereals: corn rings, chocolate balls and more;
● white bread, pastries from muffin, cakes;
● ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces are not home-made.

Remember that proper food cannot be fried in oil. This is a grilled or oven-baked meat dish, you can cook vegetable stew from stewed vegetables. You can also eat boiled meat.

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