White Spots On Your Nails: Causes and Treatment

White spots on the nails are a common problem of residents of Mega cities. Not only do they look ugly, they also indicate a lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders and the development of certain diseases.

White spots on the nail plates we can observe as a result of disruption of the process of keratinization. That is, during the formation of the nail between its plates, microscopic air bubbles accumulate, which we perceive as a visual nail defect.

Spots and stripes may vary in:


The most common cause of their occurrence is injury to the nail plates. So, a violation of the technique of manicure and pedicure, improper extensions, improper gel polish and mechanical damage can lead to the formation of white zones.
Also harmful by the nail can be: coating with cheap varnish, contact of unprotected gloves with caustic chemicals, too tight shoes.

Among the diseases “reflected” on the nail plate, there are:

Hypovitaminosis and lack of trace elements in the body;
Disorders in the digestive system;
Heart failure;
Renal failure, including in chronic form;
Protracted depression.

In addition, stressful conditions and tight diets can also spoil the appearance of your nails.


Dermatologists distinguish two degrees of damage – local and total.

The local form is characterized by a partial violation of keratinization and the appearance of white spots on a maximum of two nails. The problem of a total nature looks like the defeat of either all the nail plates, or one – but on a large scale.

Spots can take the form of dots or stripes. Moreover, their size, shape and quantity will differ depending on the cause of occurrence.

White turned injuries, as well as chaotic stripes indicate injury and are not cause for alarm and concern. Over time, they will grow back, and your nails will again delight with an even pink color.
Severe stress can lead to the appearance of large white spots located in the center of the nail. They also disappear on their own when restoring mental balance and as the nail plate grows.

Alimentary factors (malnutrition, lack of proteins, improper intake of dietary supplements and means for losing weight) appear in the form of transverse paired strips. By themselves, they will not go anywhere, you will need to establish nutrition, revise your diet and refuse harmful foods. Concomitant factors are: brittle nails, hair loss and weakened immunity.

Did you see a large number of white dots on your nails? In this case, hypovitaminosis should be suspected. Other indirect signs of a lack of vitamins and minerals are:

? fast fatiguability;
? cheilitis (this is a common name for a group of inflammatory diseases of any mucous membranes);
? hyperkeratosis;
? very dry skin.
Seasonal hypovitaminosis is also able to leave its mark on the nails – in the form of single white spots.

First of all, you should contact a dermatologist. If necessary, he will direct you to the examination to narrow specialists:

? gastroenterologist;
? nephrologist;
? cardiologist, etc.

In addition, it may be necessary to conduct a study of the nail plates for the content of trace elements using spectral analysis.White spots on the nails are called leukoquinia. In some cases, it can be confused with May stripes – their shade is closer to blue and can turn blue, the width of such stripes reaches 5 mm. They arise as a result of poisoning by such toxic substances as arsenic and thallium.

Another common cause of white spots is onychomycosis. That is a fungal disease. It may be accompanied by deformation of the nail plates, the formation of waves and ugly tubercles on them. In addition, the characteristic manifestations are crumbling nails and their tendency to delamination.

Only a specialist can diagnose a fungal infection and prescribe the correct treatment! In this case, scraping is necessarily taken and a laboratory analysis is carried out to identify pathogenic microorganisms.

The primary task facing you is to identify the causes of the formation of white spots.

Stress needs to be removed, missing trace elements – make up, malnutrition – replaced with healthy foods. It will be useful to take a course of vitamins to improve the condition and strengthen hair and nails.

To combat the effects of injuries, baths with sea salt are suitable, as well as rubbing vitamins A and E, fish oil and specialized creams into the nail plates.

Treatment with medicines and local drugs is prescribed by a dermatologist and takes a long period of time. At the same time, it is not forbidden to apply decorative varnish over therapeutic varnish.

It is quite possible to prevent the appearance of white spots. It is enough to take the necessary measures to protect hands and nails in a timely manner.
Preventive measures include:

? dietary adjustment;
? intake of vitamin complexes in the autumn-spring period;
? visiting nail salons with a good reputation, sterile equipment and experienced craftsmen.
Take care of your health and your nails will delight you with beauty and a complete absence of white spots!

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